Each one of my pieces is a one-of-a-kind, hand sculpted work of art. Every piece is individually handmade and sculpted using handbuild, casting and pottery wheel techniques.

Cactus are sculpted by rolling out forms and carving away desired details. Once they are sculpted a layer of underglaze is applied to the leather hard forms and slip is applied dot by dot (aka prickle by prickle) to create the spotted look.

Succulents/tropical plant are created petal by petal and formed into each individual plant.

Once sculpted, each plant is bisque fired separately from the pots. Each plant is then hand painted with layer upon layer of underglaze to give it the desired effect.

Upon completing the base forms for the sculptural elements the pieces are then slow dried and bisque fired. The bisque firing is to a lower temperature than the glaze fire. This firing begins the chemical change of the clay and makes it less fragile for handling and glazing. Once the piece is bisque fired, each sculptural element is added using hand formed ceramic pebbles coated in clear glaze. It is the pebbles coated in clear glaze that fuse the plants to the base form. Finally, upon completion of the glazing techniques, it was fired to a higher temperature to melt the glaze to the surface and the plants to the pots.

-Your pot may be warped. This is due to the weight of the sculptural elements and the method in which the piece is fired. Many pieces are fired on their sides so the sculptural elements can fused on the side of the piece with glaze.

-Please use the dishwasher with extreme caution. (or preferably not at all) These objects are very fragile and can jostle in the dishwasher, this jostle can cause micro fractures that will eventually lead to breaks.  

-Please do not use the dishwasher. Many of my pieces are constructed with nichrome wire. This is metal and can casue damage to your microwave, and to the piece. Even if you cannot see the nichrome wire, that does not mean it is not hiding! I often use it to hold a tiny sculptural piece in place.

-Shipping and Handling Rates- Rates have increased due to USPS price increases.

Rates are figured based on weight of the piece(s). This helps to determine the size + weight + packaging supplies needed. If multiple pieces are ordered, each piece is packed in a separate box to insure safe delivery. My works are very fragile, and cannot be shipped together in one box.

-Domestic Prices are as such-

0.00-0.75lbs- $6.00

0.76-1.50lbs- $12.00

1.51-3.00lbs- $18.00

3.01-4.50lbs- $24.00

4.51- 6.00lbs- $30.00

-International Shipping

If you are purchasing multiple pieces to be shipped internationally, please order one at a time and email me a little message with your order details. I will do my best to pack everything as efficiently as possible, and will return any shipping overages. Shipping rates vary widely country to country, especially on large orders.

You are responsible for any additional taxes or tariffs. (PS-I apologize on behalf of my country for a president throwing a fit and waging trade wars. )

-Return policy

Please contact me within 7 days of receiving a broken piece. I have only had one piece break in the mail after years of shipping. I will do everything in my power to replace your piece. 

60 day return policy due to product defects. This includes breaks at attachments, or as a result of glaze fusing. This does not include breaks caused by human error, micro fractures over time, etc.

After 60 days no items will be refunded if they are broken.