Crassulaceae Propagation Petal in Yellow

Crassulaceae Propagation Petal in Yellow


These little trinket dishes are so multifunctional! They are great for ring dishes, palo santo, paperclips, tea bags, propagation trays, or even as cute table top sculptures!

Don’t forget to add custom laser cut palo santo santo stick on to your order to use them as a burning tray!

Each one of my pieces is a one-of-a-kind hand sculpted work of art. Every piece is individually hand made and sculpted using, the wheel, slab, pinching and modeling hand building clay techniques. Once each piece was is created on the potters wheel, the plants were sculpted and attached.

Cactus are sculpted by rolling out forms and carving away desired details. Once they are sculpted a layer of underglaze is applied to the leather hard forms and a slip is applied dot by dot (aka prickle by prickle) to create the spotted look.

Succulents/tropical plant are created petal by petal and formed into each individual plant.

Saguaro Slabs are rolled out and attached to the forms in a variety of ways. They are often shown in the window series, and therefore are attached on the inside of the cups.

Upon adding the sculptural elements, the piece was then slow dried and fired twice. The first firing, a bisque fire, is to a lower temperature. This firing begins the chemical change of the clay and makes it less fragile for glazing. Once it was bisque fired, each sculptural element was hand painted with layer upon layer of underglaze, and then the pieces is coated in clear glaze. Finally, upon completion of the glazing techniques, it was fired to a higher temperature to melt the glaze to the surface.

Push Pin and Hand for Scale

Please note- I am a one woman show, I do everything in my power to create quality works, and take photographs to best represent the works, but I am not a photographer, so the color, while is as accurate as I can possibly make it, may be ever so slightly different on your screen than in real life. This may be due to my aforementioned photography skills and varying computer screens. But I promise, each piece is a one of a kind labor love, time, and thoughtful craftsmanship and is represented as accurately as possible.

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